Child Support

Initiation, Modification, and Enforcement
in State and Interstate
Book of French Laws

Child Support

in NY State

Offering Child Support Assistance in the following areas:

  • Child Support Initiation

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  • Child Support Enforcement within the State

Each child has the right to have the best life their parents can provide them, and that is a combined effort.


Both parents are necessary to give their child or children financial support. Whether the case is within the State or involves a parent outside of the State, Jill Terry Law can walk you through this process, file the necessary papers, represent you in Court and navigate Interstate issues to achieve the desired results.


Interstate issues involve different laws altogether. Jill Terry Law is experienced in and will help you with this process.


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Child Support

Jill is very experienced in Interstate Child Support Laws, and is here to support you in the following areas for cases between different states:

  • Interstate Child Support Initiation

  • Interstate Child Support Modification

  • Interstate Child Support Enforcement