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Custody Law

Custody Matters 
Experienced in New York, Interstate and International Custody Matters 
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What are you seeking?

When filing into Court for a Custody matter, an Attorney is crucial.  Whether you need an initial filing or to enforce or modify an existing Order, you must show to the Court that you meet the legal requirements to win your case. If you do, the case is then either negotiated to arrive at a settlement or goes to trial. An Attorney is essential to this. 


I am that Attorney.


I have 28 years of experience in custody law, have practiced in 17 Counties in the State and have been sponsored by Attorneys in other States to handle cases within those States. I have handled international cases as well. 

Do you or the other parent reside in another State or Country?


Few Attorneys have had experience in this very small area of law.  My clients' cases have led me on the path of gaining extensive knowledge of the Laws and how to handle your case smoothly. 

Are you a Grandparent, other relative or friend seeking custody of a child?


Parents have superior rights but are sometimes unable or unavailable to care for the child or children. I've represented Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, relatives and non-relatives to successfully obtain Custody. Different factors must be proven.  You need the assistance of an Attorney with this experience.

I will fight hard for you in all of these listed areas and keep you informed of your case's progress along the way. I have passion for this work and will be there for you. 

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