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Kay (Happy Home Seller)

"She will not let you down!
Jill is thorough, resourceful and kind. Has your best interest always. No matter what hurdle she is given, she gets the job done. Jill is my lawyer as I am selling my home.  We have encountered problems along the way as it is the family homestead I am selling.  She gets to the bottom of everything and gets the job done. I would highly recommend her as your attorney. She stays with you right to the end. She is very dedicated to her clients.

Receiving the Keys

Phyllis and Bruce (House Closing)

"I would like to comment on my lawyer’s, Jill Terry’s closing for our house on January 25th 2017. First and foremost we could of never had a more resilient upfront and on top of things than our lawyer Jill. Being that we were dealing with another firm for the other party that wasn’t very good Jill never stopped digging for the right forms and was relentless to the end. As far as our closing, with Jill on our side it couldn't have went better.Would I recommend her to anyone?? There is no doubt that she is the best that my wife and I could of chosen. Her knowledge and expertise went hand in hand. Again thx jill the job was superb!!!!

Police Car

Jackie P. (Powers of Attorney)

"Jill helped myself and my family with Powers of Attorney for 3 family members. Without hesitation, she completed all of them and I had them within 3 days. She was very concise and professional. We will never forget her kindness during our challenging time.

Police Car

Carlotta W. (Family Court)

"I have had Jill Terry as our lawyer for family court which includes my 2 grandchildren, my husband and I have raised them over 12 years in which my son has taken me back to court. recently. Jill is Always willing to fight for us and is very dedicated to any case that she takes. She takes her job very serious and when she is in front of the judge or other lawyers she is very firm.
I Carlotta Wilson would highly recommend Jill Terry to be your lawyer. And she will Always be the one that we will use. No other can or will ever take her place.

Mother and a Child

Lynnsey S. (Child Support)

"I hired Jill for a child support matter. She has been very personable, warm and supportive. Her legal advice has been sound and thorough. I've felt very comfortable and confident since hiring her.

Conversation in Court

Anonymous (Family Court)

"Going through Family Court is hard. However having Jill has been great!! She explains everything clearly and is specific. She is always there to answer my question and make sure that she talks with me before court. Having Jill by my side going through the Family Court process has made it easier. Jill always has her clients best interests at heart!! I am grateful for Jill.

Learning with Tablets

Lori (Family Law - Children)

"Jill Terry always showed concern for the best interest of our children. She was sweet to them as well as us all the time. Jill would always return every call and answer any of our questions and concerns. She listened and gave us advice. Jill is an amazing Lawyer and Person. I'd recommend her to everybody. Thank you Jill for helping our family through such a rough time. We greatly appreciate it.

Randy (Family Court)

"I hired Jill for a family court case. She was extremely professional and hard working. It was evident she cares about her clients cases by the way she remembers the details of the case. She shows up prepared at court and did a great job as my representation. I would definitely reccommend her services.

Urban Traffic

Michelle F. (Real Estate Closing)

"Jill was wonderful to work with. She handled my real estate transaction with great care, knowledge, and assisted in closing my home quickly. I would recommend Jill Terry Law Firm for all your legal needs.

"Jill was extremely effective in court and provided the best services out of any other firm I could have used. She was always on time and on top of everything I have a lot of gratitude to give to Jill.

Abraham (Across State Lines)

"I have to say she is the best lawyer I have ever worked with, and I have worked with more than a few over the years. You don't have to take my word for it. You just have to watch her work. If she looses a case then there isn't a lawyer in the association that could win it. My case was across state line. She new how to handle herself and she push and won the case. From my point of view it was a beautiful thing to watch. I didn't say a thing. The judge on the other end of the conversation wondered if I was even there that was how good she was.


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