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Be sure to have everything that you have worked so hard for and your precious heirlooms end up in the right hands. Jill can help you through this process with the care and reassurance you need. Call Jill at 315-664-4458 to schedule a consultation today.

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Wills & Will Packages

I can help you through the process by creating a Will or Will Package with the expert guidance, care and reassurance you need. My Will Packages include a Will with Witness Attestations, a Living Will, Optional Living Will in the event of Advanced Stages of Dementia or Alzheimer's, a Healthcare Proxy and Power of Attorney.


I know the right questions to ask and the current state of the law to ensure that everything you have worked for and your cherished items end up in the right hands based upon your wishes. Critical decisions made ahead of time ease the burden on loved ones of having to make them for you later. 


Knowing your exact wishes and having them in a written, properly executed document make Probate proceedings go much faster and more smoothly for the Executor of your property as well.   

Contact Jill Terry Law Today at 315-664-4458 for a consultation or to set up an appointment. 

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