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Residential Real Estate Closings

Residential Real Estate Closings, serving Auburn, New York and the Surrounding Areas in Cayuga County, in addition to Wayne, Tompkins and Seneca Counties.

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If you are buying property, a new home or even land only can be a great start to the next chapter in your life. I'm sure you have questions and concerns. I will promptly address them and keep the process moving along so that you don’t linger, surrounded by boxes, and waiting to get into your new place!  If you are selling your property and a home is involved, some clients can’t wait to start the next experience of their lives.  Others can be quite upset about selling property that has been in the family for years, especially if it includes a home. I see this regularly in my representation.  I’ll show kindness and compassion during the process and do the best I can to make this transaction go as smoothly as possible by keeping you apprised of what stage of the process we are in along the way.


Every closing is different. The time it takes to close depends on how fast a Surveyor can get yours done, how long it takes to update the title and have the tax search done, whether title issues crop up, and how fast the other Attorneys work the case. At Jill Terry Law, I pride myself in doing my part efficiently to move the process along. I want to give you time to find new housing, but I also want to get into your new place as quickly as you need to.  You may have questions such as: When do I tell the other party at my new home or apartment that I’ll be ready to move in? How do I know when to have utilities turned on at the new place? When do I arrange for movers? I will answer your questions to the best of my ability as we go.


I have been representing buyers and sellers with closings since 2016 and have had many interesting and sometimes complicated issues come up, such as the above!  The good thing is that it broadened my knowledge in terms of what to look for in contracts and other closing documents, how to best advise clients, who to call for answers, and how to insure proper title.  The last thing you want is to have an issue come up years down the road.  I am the type of Attorney who plays “offense” and “defense” in my representation. I consider what needs to be done now, and what could possibly turn into a lawsuit down the road. We don’t want this to happen! I’m here to protect you.  Whether you are purchasing land only, land with one or more dwellings, a duplex, or other, I will work closely with the Real Estate Agents, Attorney for the other party, and Attorney for the bank to ensure that the process goes smoothly. There are often issues regarding clear title, subdivision of property if only part of the property is being sold, easements, rights of way, movement of underground pipes, etc. These are things the average consumer is not aware of. I have the skills and experience to know what needs to be done, and to get it done for you and with you.  It is important to realize that a consumer needs an Attorney for every step of this process.  A command of the law and what needs to be filed is critical. Count on me to help you!

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